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A Better Real Estate Back Office Workspace

Less chaos, consistent workflows and better results. Propertybase Back Office combines real estate transaction management, compliance, and office intranet into a single ecosystem for streamlined productivity.

Real Estate Back Office

Collaboration & compliance made easy

We provide a secure workspace for agents, clients, and other vendors to share documents, dates, notes, and more. Enable smoother, more reliable closings.



Simple transaction management. Less clutter.

Our motto is workflows, not workloads.

Eliminate confusing paper trails and disjointed processes with software that ties together transactions, eSignature, and compliance. Keep critical documents and due-dates on track with step-by-step prompts that make it easy for agents to gather document requirements. Propertybase Back Office exists to reduce your brokerage’s liabilities.

  • Built-in eSignature

  • Prompt-driven compliance

  • Secure document storage


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A modern intranet your entire staff will love

Work better, faster, smarter, and happier.

Our real estate intranet creates a connected and engaged workspace for your business. Foster communication, quickly onboard new hires, and provide a 360° view of your brokerage’s day-to-day activities with banner ads, calendars, message boards, announcements, and more. 


Real Estate Back Office &

Transaction Management Software 

What is real estate back office & transaction management software?

A lot goes on behind the scenes to close deals and make buyers and sellers happy, and you need to make sure that your team is always on the same page.  With comprehensive back office and transaction management software from Propertybase, your brokerage can effectively and efficiently manage every detail through one convenient platform.

When you’re using separate software solutions for everything, it can be a recipe for disaster, especially if programs don’t integrate well.  With back office solutions from Propertybase, your entire team will enjoy easy collaboration and compliance, streamlined operations, and consistent workflows that ensure greater productivity.

If you want to work smarter, not harder, you need back office management software designed specifically to meet the needs of busy real estate brokerages like yours, with compliance-driven real estate transaction management, real-time tracking, a secure intranet that supports collaboration, and extras like built-in e-Signature for quick, easy processing.

At Propertybase, we believe in streamlined workflows and our innovative, integrated, back office software has all the tools you need to manage compliance, transactions, and your team as a whole, with reduced risk and optimal productivity. 

What are the key features of real estate back office & real estate transaction management software?

Managing a successful real estate business means having a lot of irons in the fire.  In other words, it involves massive coordination to keep things running smoothly and ensure compliance.  Brokerages need integrated software solutions that help you to manage scheduling, track agent activity, collect and store documents, create secure e-Signatures, monitor workflows and transactions, review financials and reporting, create commission plans, and more.

Propertybase Back Office, formerly known as Back Agent, conquers the demands placed on a busy broker, agents and transaction coordinators with a platform for organization, automation, collaboration, and compliance in a single, integrated ecosystem. We give you the tools you need to track finances and commissions, pull MLS data, securely store documents, and share and sign documents with built-in e-Signature.

You’ll also enjoy a modern intranet solution that delivers a comprehensive overview of daily brokerage operations with monitoring, tracking, and reporting tools.  Your team can collaborate through message boards, stay up-to-date with calendars, and remain engaged and informed via announcements and banner ads.

Streamlined workflows eliminate agent confusion and drive compliance. Convenient prompts ensure that critical documents are gathered and due dates are met, increasing efficiency and reducing liability.  Agents, clients, and vendors can collaborate through our proprietary Roundtable feature.  

Best of all, Propertybase Back Office seamlessly integrates with Propertybase GO and Propertybase Salesforce Edition, as well as other applications, to deliver the holistic solutions your real estate business needs to succeed.

What are the benefits of real estate back office & transaction management software?

The wonderful thing about managing a brokerage is that you can count on individual members to do their part, freeing you up to focus on leadership, oversight, and coordination.  This, of course, is made easier with the right support and monitoring tools in place.

Maintaining efficient workflows and compliant transactions, managing a mountain of documents, and coordinating agents, clients, and vendors can quickly become a logistical nightmare, especially when you’re also trying to track the market, capitalize on trends, juggle finances and complex commission structures, and stay on top of scheduling.

Propertybase has you covered with end-to-end solutions that segue seamlessly from marketing and lead generation to transaction management.  Our real estate platform helps you to organize and automate processes with a fully-integrated solution that keeps you compliant and helps you close deals.  With guided workflows, secure document storage, collaboration loops, tracking, reporting, financials, and more all wrapped into one platform, it’s never been easier to streamline operations, manage client expectations, and cross the finish line in record time. 

Flexible real estate back office software for your business needs

Although real estate back office demands are similar from one brokerage to the next, they do differ in key ways. Propertybase Back Office is designed to meet your specific needs, providing tools for document management, e-signatures, accounting, commissions, transaction management, scheduling, oversight, and of course, compliance.  Comprehensive, yet flexible solutions ensure that your team has exactly the right tools to simplify workflows and optimize operations.


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