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Easy MLS Search.

At last, the simple and powerful MLS interface you've been waiting for. With Cloud MLX, real estate is a few keystrokes away.


A female realtor smiles at you from behind a floating MLX Search box populated with criteria for Newport Beach, 3 beds, and active status


Search real estate like you think.

Just start typing and let smart autocomplete immediately show you results. Searching for real estate has never felt so natural.

Recruit is shown on 3 different devices, a laptop computer, a tablet, and a smart phone.NEW

Make your MLS smarter.

A tailor-made MLS interface, just for you. Save your searches, custom areas, and collections in seconds. The more you use Cloud MLX, the more personalized it becomes to your needs.

There are two cards, each with details of a real estate property, and above them, a cursor typing out the name of a search that will bring the user back to these cards.

Don’t repeat yourself.

When you’ve fine-tuned your search, simply name it and it will be saved for you to pull up in an instant.

There is a light-blue outline drawn around a map area, containing pins of red and green which represent homes within that area that are on the market.  In the center of the drawn shape there is a blue pin with the name of the area that the user of this map has given the area.

Save your favorite areas.

Draw your own custom areas which can be used in all future searches and to keep track of specific markets.

There is a box labelled 'Add to Collection', which displays a field to type in beneath in — in this field someone is typing 'The Car', and below that is is a list of collections which closely matched what has been typed including 'The Carlins', and 'The Carmichaels'

Collect and organize.

With Collections, it’s easy to prepare a list of homes for you and your clients to review.

Work better together.

Now it’s easier than ever to play well with others. Share listing data with your clients, chat with other agents, and integrate with the products you already love, like Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams.

A menu of options is displayed over a list of selected real estate listings, including options to print the listings, email the listings, get a URL to the listings, and sending the listings to Cloud CMA or Cloud Streams for additional benefits.

Share with clients and apps.

The launcher icon is always available for you to seemlessly share, print, and generate Cloud CMAs and Cloud Streams.

The word 'Tamra' has been typed into the MLX Omni Search Bar, and below this, there are 3 results matching the name Tamra, the third of which the user has highlighted for selection.

Find agents quickly.

Finding other agents is right there in the search bar. No need to hunt for contact info.A laptop and a cellphone displaying Cloud MLX

Give your MLS a thumbs up.

You’re always on the go. That’s why we’ve designed Cloud MLX to work great on any modern device. No more switching between interfaces for desktop, tablet, and mobile. You’ll get the same familiar experience no matter where you check the MLS.


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