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Remine is a full MLS solution that reimagines the digital real estate journey.  With every product line and platform feature, Remine is dedicated to being the flexible partner to the real estate community. Our trainers and account managers take the time to get to know you and your needs, because no two clients are alike. Intuitive in use, elegant in design, and powerful in practice. We are the team you can rely on. Modern isn’t just what we are, it’s how we think.

By connecting consumers and real estate professionals on a single platform we build solutions rather than creating another outdated workflow. When we say full MLS solution, we mean that we're a group of people who understand what an MLS needs firsthand.

We’re built by real estate industry experts, who know what it’s like to be in the trenches. We understand the need for transparency and ease, because we’ve been there too. Everyone at Remine from software engineers to support specialists knows what it takes to break barriers towards modernizing the industry. We wake up every day ready to help our customers implement strategies that make their business stronger. 


Remine partners with MLSs/Associations across North America to deliver modern real estate technology that creates transparency and inspires trust between real estate agents and consumers. With our products, real estate agents can create a seamless real estate transaction from beginning to end that help drive growth in their business.

Our sleek and contemporary design allows for easy implementation of our product suite. Remine provides control and customization on various fronts making us the most robust MLS front end for search, display, public records, and client interaction. Our ability to co-mingle MLS data, Public Records, and Consumer information allows us the unique ability to create geo-farming features that place tremendous insight into the hands of MLS members.

Remine has been designed and built as a modular MLS platform. Each component performs as a powerful stand-alone solution that elevates specific areas of MLS functionality. With our single-sign-on dashboard, add/edit, search & display, transaction management, RESO API data delivery, database, and consumer website we enhance your overall performance resulting in a streamlined experience. MLS 2.0®, our full modern MLS system platform, is your answer to an enhanced digital customer experience.

The world’s largest asset class deserves the best technology to power all decisions.


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