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Many families in North Texas have successfully used our unique approach to buy and sell their home with no hassle, no risk, and zero sacrifices. Are you ready to find out how you can do the same?





MLS 2.0

Full MLS system with unique workflows between Remine’s Add/Edit, Database, Remine Pro, and API solutions.

The Remine Difference

MLS 2.0® is the culmination of Remine modular solutions that provide a complete MLS suite solution. The seamless integration between products produces the most modern and fully mobile MLS platform available.

Remine Pro

Stay Connected with your clients and develop your business with a front end solution.

The Remine Difference

Remine Pro is the most robust MLS front end for search, display, public records, and client interaction available. We incorporate and display MLS, public records, and consumer information in the same interactive view. Our client collaboration solutions are designed to keep real estate professionals and consumers engaged on their home-buying journey.


Listing Creation Made Easy with Add/ Edit. Reduce the time it takes to create a listing and simplify your workflow.

The Remine Difference

We provide the most advanced stand-alone add/edit solution for MLSs. Our technology enables MLSs to customize listing fields for their market area and provides a modern API that allows vendors and brokers to submit listings via their internal tools. Whether it be on desktop or mobile, we store unlimited high-resolution photos, videos, and virtual tools that make your listing stand out. In addition, our add/edit makes front-end-of-choice and collaborative cross-MLS input possible.

Docs+ Transaction Management

Collaborative, cloud-based transaction management end-to-end document creation, e-signature, multiparty collaboration, and transaction management all in one place.
The Documents you need + the backing and support of Remine technology.

The Remine Difference

Our smart form technology is unlike any other.  As a full transaction management resource, real estate professionals can now seamlessly manage all transactional paperwork with one product. Stay compliant with a fully downloadable audit report and detailed revision history.

SSO Dashboard

Work smarter with Remine’s SSO Dashboard. This customizable single sign-on administration panel provides real estate professionals with access to MLS and broker solutions for seamless workflow.

The Remine Difference

We empower the MLS to setup MLS partners and provide custom dashboard options to shareholder associations and brokers without additional fees or delays. You’ll have access support for both SAML and OpenID connect through our team along with a usage dashboard for MLS SSO products. We keep you connected by supporting messaging for news and events all in one place.


Take back ownership of your MLS data. With Remine Database you’re in control!

The Remine Difference

Our Database module is built on a modern technology stack with fully documented API infrastructure. Providing you with flexibility, control, and ownership of your data.


Modern and well documented APIs with no hidden fees. Manage Distribute and Track listings securely with our RESO Platform Certified solution.

The Remine Difference

Our service places you in total control. There is no contract between Remine and the vendors you select. With no vendor fees we do not participate in increasing the cost of services to your members. Remine API provides detailed reporting to brokers to ensure data management insight. This flexible product is customizable and built for transparency.

MLS Website

Provide consumers with a modern and local alternative to national public search websites.

The Remine Difference

Consumers desire a more robust home search that still feels like home. This solution is fully branded to your MLS or association and promotes property listing agents while supporting lead funneling for brokerages.


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